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Management of risks
We act as your risk management partner.
Hedging greatly helps to increase trading volumes as more and more risks become manageable. Thanks to hedging, you can be more flexible when pricing goods and take on more risks.
We, as your risk management partner
Structured financial derivatives for price risk management.
Currency transactions associated with the export of petroleum products.
A team of traders with many years of experience in futures trading.
Providing liquidity in 100+ products covering the entire distillation curve.
Constant monitoring of the oil and oil products market, which contributes to the timely detection of major trends.
We cooperate with major international players in the oil and petroleum products market, including major oil companies, refineries, trading houses and end customers.
Hedging 2+ million tons per year.
We work with first class European banks in Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt and London.
Our Analysts
Daily price reports on the world's major markets, tailor-made to meet the needs of our clients.
Fundamental analysis of the oil and oil products market, including expert comments.
Technical analysis of the derivatives market covering the main trends in the European and North American markets.
Analysis of the risks of our clients in order to find the most optimal hedging solution.
Market Alerts informing customers in a timely manner of set price targets for products of interest.

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