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About company
Our company has been successfully and progressively operating in the auto chemical goods and motor oils market since 2012.
We are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of automotive lubricants to the global market. Without sacrificing quality, P-Oil has developed several engine oils of many types. We focus on the United Arab Emirates and South Africa as our largest markets.
We offer our customers different types of packages and always try to keep the customer satisfaction level higher than they expect. The world's largest automotive engine oil company, P-Oil offers a variety of quality-oriented products for both industrial and commercial customers.
So, if you are looking for top rated automotive oils, then only one name can fulfill all your engine oil needs and requirements and that is P-Oil.

Our products

P-Oil offers several automotive oils:
Gasoline engine oil
Oil for diesel engines
Fluids for automatic transmissions
Transmission oil
Brake oil
Hydraulic fluids
Engine Safety Fluids

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