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Heavy Ends

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A significant part of the extracted natural materials during subsequent processing ends up in production waste.
Utilization of waste and by-products of production provides direct cost savings for the growth of primary raw materials, expanding export opportunities. Our partner refineries are a complex chemical-technological system closed in terms of mass and energy flows.
Products include:
Fuel oil - residual fraction of atmospheric distillation of oil;
Tar - bottom product of vacuum distillation of fuel oil;
Heavy catalytic cracking gas oil;
Asphalt resulting from tar deasphalting;
Extracts of selective purification of oil fractions.

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Products of multi-stage separation of oil into fractions (without chemical changes in the substances that make up the fractions) through its distillation or rectification

Light Ends

Products that do not contain heavy oil fractions and are characterized by optical properties close to transparent

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