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Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance is the system by which businesses are directed and controlled. Corporate governance is the subjective device by which our investors can assure themselves regarding their returns. Our efficient corporate governance is one of the crucial drivers for improvement of the competitiveness.
Our corporate governance system aims to establish and preserve reliable trustful relations with the community of investors and shareholders, which facilitates a further increase in the Company’s investment appeal.
For us, corporate governance is important since it shows a company's direction and business integrity to investors. We do our best to build trust with investors and the community. As a result, we promote financial viability by creating a long-term investment opportunity for market participants.
We periodically and consistently practice our good corporate governance and seek to update. Our management is engaged to effectively oversee the direction of our company.
Routinely evaluate the board’s performance.
Encourage a culture of collaboration and accountability;
Ensure the directors have the information they need, when they need it;
Build and maintain a strong governance infrastructure;
Support equal voices for all board members;
Appoint an effective, competent chairperson;
Build a skills-based, diverse board;
Monitor organizational performance;
Clarify the board’s role in strategy and risk management;
Recognize that good corporate governance is not just about compliance;
This is how ensure good corporate governance:

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